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Bind, torture, kill (and coffee) on public transport

Posted in Ranting and rambling by Lachlan R. Dale on July 7, 2011

I sat down on the bus from Enmore today to find a rather severe looking man with a gray buzzcut infront of me. The tone of the aggressive whispering  he directed towards a younger Asian woman next to him immediately indicated a level of sordid deviance and ill-intent beyond imaginging. When I first overheard his speech, I thought at once that I was witness to some act of emotional malice to the most vile degree; that this man was dangerous, unhinged and repressing an unspeakable violent fury that he was surely about to unleash on this poor woman.

Then, as I began to focus more on the actual content of his speech, I found that he had been simply speaking passionately about some aspect of coffee making in hushed, excited manner — that all his violent body language and soothed-yet-seething tone-of-voice did not belay some underlying homicidal or psychopathic drive, but rather a very contorted obsessive passion about a fairly benign subject… coffee.

Perhaps it is just a matter of time until he plots his next bind, torture, kill victim — or perhaps this time, all the emotional data I picked up from his body language and tone-of-voice was simply erronous.

Who knows. People are bizarre.

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