Writing as catharsis

The timing seems right

Posted in Ranting and rambling by Lachlan R. Dale on October 19, 2012

Today my life is cluttered. Thoughts, tasks, responsibilities and projects create a dull roar inside my mind, and increasingly I find it hard to find peace.

The result has triggered bitterness and a sort of sardonic anger. The worst aspect of this is the fact that, to a degree, I enjoy it. I am aware that anger is a cheap shortcut to empowerment and feelings of entitlement. It is my old self manifesting itself again; dripping in cynicism  proned to bursts of rage; walking with tension pulled tight across my shoulders. When consider in a more objective fashion, this is certainly no ideal way to be.

The mere fact this is the first time I have written something for sixteen days should be used as some sort of indicator. Lately I have found little time for recreational reading, writing or guitar-playing.

The imbalance is obvious; my work life is consuming too much of me, but the real issue comes when it is coupled with quite intense demands from my post-graduate coursework, and an increase in my band and promotional activity.

It is within this context that tonight I meet an old friend once more. It has been some four months. In the time since our last meeting, he has spent time in a remote Aboriginal community, in a beautiful and semi-isolated property in the Adelaide hills, and wandering across the German countryside for several week. The contrast is significant, and it should be an interesting one to explore.

Our plans are also of interest. Tomorrow we are travelling to a remote location in the forest to sample of some particular mushroom. The timing feels perfect; I need a dose of a more universal perspective to slice through my current projectory, and reveal some essential truths.

I look ahead to the end of the year. My post-graduate semester will end. In some six weeks, I will be travelling through the forests and temples of beautiful Cambodia. In December I have a few weeks reprieve; coupled with the launch of a new album. In January I have an extensive touring plan locked in.

The future looks good, but feels too far out of reach as stress and strain seize my mind. My life has become a blur these last few weeks. Hopefully this short reunion and reprieve will help me to refocus.

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