Writing as catharsis

We cleanse our souls in the light of distant stars

Posted in Poetry, Prose, Ranting and rambling by Lachlan R. Dale on February 14, 2013
Give up. Throw your life away. By Pat Berry

By Pat Berry

The blind cannot recognise the earth as their father, nor the expanse of the sky as their mother. The two represent our essence; the pure, whole manifestation of mind and soul. The sun above warms the engine of our body, while the plates below provide a foundation for our life’s endeavour. The night sky gazes into us with eyes of the eternal. We cleanse our souls in the open air and in the light of distant stars. As we bask, we are reborn.

Give your awe to what can be perceived; surrounded as we are by impossible beauty and infinite scope. The fact so many close themselves off to reverence is astounding. Embrace humility when confronted with the monolith of existence.

Do not be so proud as to refuse to bow your head. If a true wind blows you should have little doubt that you will be severed from this plane. The abyss yawns after you, and void will be your home. When the earth reclaims your body, the iron of your blood will fuel it’s blossom.

Awaken the see the world as it is. Refrain from sealing yourself in vast tombs of steel – your soul will suffocate from lack of light. Many wander the earth as if preempting a return to dust. They are dust men, stone-faced and swarming across lifeless slabs; the monotony of their lives grinds their bones.

Feed your mind steel and you will become as the grey as the slab you lay. Sow misery in the veins of the earth and the cold snap will grip your soul. These tombs cloud the heavens. The sun is forever obscured and we starve from the lack of it.